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Hula Hoop Dreams – A guide to healthy boundaries

I love to use analogies and metaphors in therapy sessions. Allegories, too.

Hands down, my favorite, for many years is the hula hoop. Yes, the simple childhood toy. The same one. THAT hula hoop. Hereafter referred to as HH

Imagine a world where everyone has a HH permanently affixed around their bodies. It just hovers there in space…around every single person. Including you.

Let the HH represent a guide to healthy living. A guide to healthy boundaries.

The HH fits perfectly around each person. Not too tight. Not too loose. But inside each HH there is room for only one person—no one else. Within your HH is ALL you have control over.

Your actions. Your beliefs. Your hopes. Your plans. Your desires. Your decisions. And your voice: Your ability to ask others…in their HH for what you need from them.

This metaphor the foundation of HH Thinking.. .and freedom from heartache and stress.

Much more on the view from the HH to come…




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