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Are you a licensed psychotherapist? 

Please consider joining our team!  We are a large group and are typically hiring for one or both of our offices.

At JSA, we provide all your clients, a beautifully furnished office, and the front office and back office support of billing and scheduling.   You get to focus solely on your craft of providing psychotherapy. Competitive pay and excellent benefits round out the win for working at JSA.

More specifically:

  • Paid accurately twice a month for any completed sessions–and for canceled sessions we bill for.
  • Monthly bonuses for sessions seen above 120 per month. 

Full time therapists are  eligible for:

  • Paid health care
  • Paid PTO
  • Simple IRA matching contributions
  • Bonuses for retention/longevity with company
  • Paid Malpractice insurance
  • 500.00 annual training stipend
  • Potential of paid supervision for LMSW’s and LPC-A’s
  • Two beautiful offices from which to work
  • Full time administrative staff who handles all scheduling, the in-take and paperwork process, all billing and all phone calls

Are you still weighing the benefits of starting your own practice vs joining a group practice? It’s a big decision.

Let me list some of the larger reason I think you should go group: 

Support, support, support:

Our craft is highly complex and each client brings a slightly different set of needs and presenting issues and complexities.  At JSA we have a large group of therapists and 2 supervisors ready to support. For example,  If a client is suicidal, we quickly staff the case and decide on the best course. If a session didn’t go well, we find a supervisor and, while it is fresh, process what we experienced, so we can do better next time.

Running a business is a whole different skill set that takes time

Working in a private practice you can see clients instead of marketing, billing, communicating with insurance companies, reconciling, paying bills, figuring out why internet is down…  I could go on and on and on.  The business side of things can drain you from leaning in to the constant learning, thinking, analyzing that is critical to become a master therapist.


We leverage each other to learn from each other, connect with community resources, be stronger and be better. You just can’t do this on the same level working alone.

Legal and Ethical Risks

None of us want legal or ethical problems.  Working alone is a lonely place when those doubts or fears creep in. At JSA you are an employee and would be supported by our management staff.  Your decision to work with a seasoned group where you are getting continual supervision looks wise and professional to those who are questioning your decision making. 

Quick look at some of the things entailed in starting your practice:

  • Legal obligations: LLC or S or C corp?  Get advice on tax implications
  • Pay all employment taxes quarterly or monthly (if you make enough)
  • Pay income taxes quarterly 
  • Open a business banking account
  • Pay rent
  • Pay malpractice
  • Pay power
  • Pay water
  • Pay  internet
  • Pay security/alarm service
  • Pay for all trainings
  • Pay for supplies and therapy tools/games/books
  • Pay for TP and paper-towels, soap, coffee, etc.
  • Pay for electronic management system (theranest)
  • Pay for marketing or just use psychology today which will get you clients but not a lot
  • Decide upon taking insurance and what their reimbursement rate is
  • Get paneled on insurance
  • File insurance
  • Figure out why insurance claims denied= extensive time on phone
  • Collect money when cards are denied or closed
  • Charge the right amount-copay/coinsurance
  • Figure out how to keep the ledger correctly
  • Find someone to staff cases with
  • Decide how to handle the myriad of difficult questions
  • Find someone to talk to when lonely
  • Answer phone calls and emails of those who are trying to book
  • Return all the phone calls you missed
  • Listen to lots of different types of callers in different levels of distress on end of phone
  • Book people or refer them if they want something you don’t provide
  • Avoid booking mistakes
  • Always have calendar and phones at the ready
  • Track expenses in Quick books
  • Address personal safety at office
  • Phone? Fax? Email? Office equipment-computer, printer

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