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LA Shrinks or The Sessions?

Counseling sessions have become hot fodder for reality shows. And big budget movies. And Netflix TV Series.

You can find me watching intently, too…popcorn bowl in hand.

And why not? What happens between patient and therapist has long been the stuff of great secrecy. Who isn’t curious about what lies behind that door? What the heck is being said? Why do folks keep coming back? Where does a session begin? How does it end? And what the heck fills up all that space in between?

Therapy is entering a bit of a “golden age” where almost everyone is going and we are all (including Tony Soprano) talking about it, showing it, replicating it, normalizing it. Using it. Embracing it. Taking away the veil, the secrecy. The shame (hopefully there is very little of this left).

Counselors are people who think …a lot…about intangibles. We live with people on an intimate basis for hours each day. We get in the trenches and work to figure out why there is pain and how that pain can be mitigated or healed. We study. Hard. And we do learn some powerful lessons that become a joy to share with others.

Why shouldn’t “Hollywood” get in on the sharing and the thinking and the learning. And the changing. Why shouldn’t you, too?




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