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Ethan Taylor

Our psychotherapists are masters level licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and licensed marriage and family therapists. But they are more than that: they bring warm personalities, a “realness” and an appreciation for the enormous honor and responsibility it is that you have chosen to work with us.

Ethan Taylor

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It is a commonly held conviction among many entering into psychotherapy that the process is one of figuring out why we feel the negative ways we do–because we want to feel better.  If we could simply understand the why, we could fix the malfunctioning part of ourselves and lead a satisfying and pain-free life. 

What I continue to find, however, is that the more you learn about yourself, your childhood, your traumas, your relationships, your successes and failures, and the way that your mind works, you realize the real mystery is the what.  What exactly are you feeling first place and what is the thinking behind that feeling?

The secret is that you are not broken and in need of fixing–you are just a little less comfortable with some parts of yourselves than others. The healing process is not one of mere insight, but of rapprochement.

As we continue to work together you will find yourself—not as a new, “cured” person—but as who you have always been; the things which brought you into therapy are still there and are a part of you, but no longer feel so overwhelming. You  are accepting the complexity of you. You are becoming whole.

I look forward to meeting you and going on this important journey together.




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