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Telehealth for Your Mental Health

Telehealth for Your Mental Health

One service that we have always offered at JSA is “telehealth.” Simply put, it’s the phrase we use to describe online therapy. As our country is on the move these days and so connected to our laptops and our phones, telehealth has become a more and more popular option because it’s easy to fit into your day and into your travel schedule.

Telehealth, for us, has been more of a back-up option to in-person therapy. We have used it for couples that live too far away to commute to our office, for clients who have had a broken leg and were unable to drive, and for clients who have moved to the low country or to the upstate but still wanted to continue their therapy with us.

Because of COVID-19 and recommendations from the CDC for helping to slow the spread, most of us are practicing and encouraging “social distancing.” We are actively doing both here at JSA so our team is moving all of our sessions to telehealth. This is temporary and we will resume our normal office family life—of which you are a huge part—as soon as we are given the “all clear” from the CDC.

How does telehealth work?

It’s easy!

Telehealth for Your Mental Health

You will be given access to a website that lets you into our “portal.” From there, you will click on “appointments” and find a link to click to start your session. You can do this from your laptop or your smartphone… and you can do it anywhere! Ideally, you’ll have a quiet, private place to retreat to for your sessions just like you do when you come to our office in person.

This was an exceptionally tough decision for our team to make—your faces and your voices in our office literally make our day each day. This is a friendly, warm office and we love inviting you in for your appointment. We love welcoming you, opening the door when you forget your code, saying goodbye in unison, sharing a chuckle and a comment with you on the weather or the issue of the day. Not having this in person interaction with each of you is something that we will miss terribly during this time.

However, it was an easy decision to make when we took into account the safety of each of our clients, the safety of our staff, and the safety of the community that we all love so much. We support the CDC, our state government, and our federal government in all ways throughout the duration of COVID-19.

Telehealth for Your Mental Health

Know this: our important therapy and work together continues. We are not taking a break from our work with you. Therapy continues, as do all of our policies, standards, and goals. We do not take lightly the work of healing, exploring, and growing that happens in this office. You trust us to do our best and to show up ready to work. We trust you to be here with your honest openness.Onward ever. Backward never.




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