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Therapy in Columbia SC

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy can help when life feels unbearably difficult, and it can also make a decent life even better. Consulting a psychotherapist should be as routine as developing your career, exploring a hobby or going to the gym weekly. In individual psychotherapy, just as we take care of our work life, social circle and our physical health, a vital element of self-care is devoting focused time exploring understanding our behavior, our thoughts and feelings.

Weekly therapy invites us to unpack, to share and to begin to look at things in new, powerful ways.

Individual psychotherapy

Issues we work with during individual psychotherapy:

  • Depression, sadness, malaise
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Trauma—recent trauma or the effects of older trauma that hasn’t been fully processed
  • Relationship and dating stress and confusion
  • Parenting realities, stressors, worries
  • Addiction and recovery
  • Disordered eating, early stages or stable behavior
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety—in both men and women
  • Infertility sorrow and stress
  • Grief and loss—parents, siblings, friends, pets
  • Job stress and unfulfillment
  • Social and coworker strife—needing new skills to get along better with others
  • Life changes
  • Existential questions that yearn to be processed




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