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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling may sound like something we would only be interested in if a relationship were failing; in fact, it is the single greatest tool that can prevent it from doing so. 

Couples Counseling
Emotionally Focused Therapy Couples Counseling

Grounded in the theory of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), we approach couples counseling through an attachment lens. We believe that when couples fall in love they become securely emotionally attached. Attachment helps us feel we are known, heard, understood. We feel emotionally safe. When this attachment is threatened through relationship strife of any kind, the fear of losing this safe feeling can become overwhelming. When we are overwhelmed, we reach for certain coping patterns we have known all our lives (we shut down and get quiet or we lean in and fight). These coping styles can wind up pushing us further apart and a painful cycle ensues.

We believe helping couples is so important and the problems are so complex that we only schedule couples at our Columbia and Lexington offices with our therapists who have taken in depth trainings in EFT and have committed themselves to ongoing study and consultation in this specific area.


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