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Our psychotherapists are masters level licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and licensed marriage and family therapists. But they are more than that: they bring warm personalities, a “realness” and an appreciation for the enormous honor and responsibility it is that you have chosen to work with us.

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Jill Smith

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Nothing feels more right to me than working with each of you, delving into important stories, talking about what has not been said, and being curious about it all.

I started my private practice in 2003. Each year, the company has grown beyond expectations. We are doing something right, it seems. But I say that with humility and with humbleness. In fact, I tell clients: “I will get things wrong – so, please, stop me if I misinterpret or if I am going down the wrong path here.”  My clients and I are on a journey together and we walk side-by-side creating new ways of thinking, exploring old stories, and re-scripting first draft explanations of our life events into more accurate personal truth’s.  We develop a therapeutic relationship –being honest about our stuck places in the therapy room–and honest about our victories

I am truly dedicated to my clients and the field of psychotherapy. Nothing feels more right to me than working with each of you, delving into important stories, talking about what has not been said, and being curious  about it all.I am lucky that I found the profession, my life work, that I find endlessly fascinating and completely rewarding.

When I had way more clients that I had time, I decided to try my hand at slowly growing into a group practice. Yet another journey unfolded. I had so much to learn and I made many mistakes along the way (note the theme here?). But we have found our way and we are thriving as a company. 

Some of my favorite time in the office is meeting with the other clinicians at JSA.  We process cases together and discuss our own personal reactions, blocks, challenges in the therapy room.  The benefits?  We can easily staff cases, ask each other questions about tough situations, cry, laugh and celebrate together.  We learn and grow together.  Hands down, this is a richer, deeper experience for us therapists (and, by proxy, for clients) than is operating solo. 

I’m proud to have created this group where the employees feel valued and the front office is run like you deserve it to be–modern, efficient and stress-free interactions. Erin and Theresa and Elsa actually answer the phone when you call!  That in itself says so much. 

Psychotherapy is an amazing opportunity that breathes life into our existences.  It is a symbiotic experience between client and therapist.  We are lucky you are joining us.

Clinical Experience:
  • Owner and Clinical Director, Jill Smith and Associates 
  • Forensic Interviewer,  the Dickerson Center for Children a Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Psychotherapist,Crossroads Counseling Center
  • Hospice Social Worker, Palmetto Health 
  • Director of Programs and Training, Prevent Child Abuse, SC
  • Certified Supervisor of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, Individuals and Families
  • EMDR Trained
  • Mental Health Coaching and Support for Local Businesses   
  • Adults, Couples, and, when I’m lucky, I get to work with some very special teens or kids.
  • Master of Social Work,  University of South Carolina
  • BS,  Management, Clemson University




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