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Are you considering psychotherapy but have questions? Maybe you’ll find an answer below. If you still have questions or concerns, contact us and we will be happy to help.

1. I’m nervous about counseling. What if this isn’t a good fit?

Most people are nervous when they make the first phone call or come in for the first time. That is so normal.

There is no obligation to continue with us if you feel the fit is wrong. However, our invitation is that you give us a try, and then, if things don’t feel 100% right, let us know about your concerns. We honestly welcome authentic conversation about what you are or aren’t getting from your therapy sessions. Most of the time, we finish the conversation feeling really connected and ready to continue. If not, we will figure out a plan.

2. My problems are so overwhelming. I don’t know where to start.

One beauty of therapy is that over time challenges and problems no longer seem so entangled. We find light and we open pathways. We untie knots. Simply talking about the feeling of being overwhelmed can be helpful. Taking the first step to come to one appointment is the best place to start. We don’t tackle it all right away, we go as slow as you want to.

3. Should I come alone or bring my child or my partner? I don’t know who needs therapy more, or where to begin.

If you are reading this, then you should come. Let’s talk about your concerns and figure out a plan. Then, you can bring your partner in, or your child. Yes, all family members can work with the same therapist. At times it may be more beneficial to involve another therapist. We often keep family members together under one therapist because the more we know and understand about your marriage or family, the more helpful we can be. We stay neutral and welcoming to new members so they don’t face an alliance or predisposed conclusions on our part.

4. Do you work with couples?

Yes. We are dedicated to offering couples counseling. Our policy states that our couples therapists must have specific, intense training in couples counseling. Couples work is so complex–and often the entire family structure hangs in the balance–we are committed to being highly trained and staying in supervision with one another and regional experts in this area.

Our couples approach of choice is EFT–Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. Developed by Sue Johnson, this attachment-based approach is researched extensively and it works. We see it work every day. EFT helps therapists and couples identify negative patterns in their relationship and the reasons behind them. And then, we learn how to lovingly change those patterns. We stay in the “here and now” (as opposed to the “there and then”) and track emotions rather than facts. Jill Smith is Certified in EFT and all our couples therapists are trained in EFT, along with other modalities.

5. Can you work with me individually, as well as with me and my partner?

Yes, we can and often do. Things evolve in one direction or the other, and we follow that evolution.

6. My husband/wife and I are in crisis. We don’t know if we want to save our marriage, or plan for separation.

Yes. This heartbreaking conundrum is extremely common. We can help you discern where you are in your marriage journey. There is hope for a clear path. Let’s start and we can make a plan for each next step.

7. I have insurance that will help pay for therapy. Do you take insurance?

We are a private pay company and do not take insurance. However, we are happy to provide you with a receipt (known as a Superbill) that has all the codes insurance companies require. Your insurance company may reimburse you for some of your session fees. We are considered out-of-network. Insurance does require a diagnosis be given.

8. How much does a session cost?

Counseling sessions are 50 minutes long and are scheduled once weekly or once every other week.

Session fees range from $150.00 to 250.00.

Upon request, we will provide you with a “superbill” receipt that you can submit to your insurance for possible out- of- network benefits.

We accept credit cards (no Am Ex), HSA cards, checks and cash.

9. Where are your offices?

Our Lexington office is near the Lexington County courthouse at 426 South Lake Drive. Please park in the back and use the front teal door.

Our Columbia office is on the corner of Bull and Laurel Streets, 1777 Bull Street. Please park in the back and use the front teal door.

We have ample parking at both locations.

10. Do you offer telehealth?

Although we still meet the majority of our clients in person, we do offer telehealth (video sessions), if you are in SC. You will find the telehealth link for your therapist on this web site under the therapists’ names. Telehealth is a game changer–making therapy accessible for so many. Please plan to be in a quiet, still, private space for your telehealth session.

11. What happens when I call?

Our phones are fully staffed and answered by people–not an automated attendant. If you hit our answering machine that is rare, and we will call you back quickly.




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