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Gender Affirming

At JSA we are gender-identity affirming. We welcome all patients and their chosen identities without question or judgment– gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their loved ones. We offer an accepting and non-judgmental environment for people who identify across the entire spectrum of gender, orientation, and attraction, as well as those who are dealing with issues surrounding sexual exploration, sexual confusion, and asexuality.

Some of our therapists are particularly well-versed in LGBTQ terminology and dynamics of power and privilege. They will understand the many phobias that lurk out there to be faced or confronted, the challenges, the confusion, the joys of living honestly. Please let us know upon scheduling if you would like a therapist who has done some recent specific training in this area.

On a different side of the same coin, if you are a parent of a teen or adult and you are struggling with accepting or understanding your child’s gender identification or gender confusion, we have a heart for you, too. We can get through this together and there is no shame in privately, in therapy, working through all you feel about this.No matter where you are coming from, know that we value relationships, acceptance and understanding. Let us walk beside you.

Gender Affirming




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