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Process groups are a seminal part of our psychotherapy work at JSA. 

Process groups are not issue or age specific, rather they focus on the relationship connections made in the group and an honest dialogue about how we show up with each other. They provide a chance to practice noticing who we are when we “show up” in society and in relationships—but in a small, trusted group of fellow group members. Once we notice that we are the one who always holds back, or feels annoyed, or needs to command the room, we can begin to decide if these tendencies are working for us and if not…explore evolving and being curious.

At JSA, we run groups for men, women and groups that aren’t gender specific. These groups are long term and are for clients who have been coming here for individual therapy and are ready for something new. These are run by co-therapists as we feel it is such complex and deep work, it takes two. Jill Smith partners with Anthony Hampton as her group co-therapist. Ethan Taylor partners with Jonathan Pritchard as his co-therapist.

We also run shorter term groups for kids that might be issue specific, such as the back to school scaries, or social anxiety. Laura Stokes runs these groups.

Groups: yet another reason to come on board with us as a client!




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