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Types of Therapy

You might’ve already noticed the surprising amount of types of therapy available. Though some approaches work best for specific conditions, others can help with a range of issues.

At JSA, you’ll work with a trained mental health professional. What you’ll do in each appointment depends on the preferred methods of your therapist and the issues you’re looking to address and the age of the client.

You can expect to spend time discussing how challenging situations, emotions, and behaviors affect your life.

This will likely involve working through some negative events or distressing thoughts. It may be difficult in the moment, but the end result is usually a happier, more fulfilling life.

We are so proud to have a range of therapists in both our offices, ready to work with your entire family.

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can help when life feels unbearably difficult, and it can also make a decent life even better.

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Couples Counseling

Our clinicians are extensively trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples to provide the highest quality of

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Children, Adolescents & Families

Using play therapy, clean therapy rooms and a love of children, we welcome your precious ones to therapy.

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Family Therapy

We honor the time and commitment and we think you are brilliant for making your family therapy happen.

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Gender Affirming

We are deeply committed to accepting all.

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Trauma-informed Practice

Trauma-informed therapy asks, “What happened to you?” rather than, “What is wrong with you?”

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Schedules, work, logistics get in the way.  Enter telehealth.

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These groups are long term and are for clients who are ready for something new.

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