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Stuck between a rock and an affair

Lots of our clients are working on forgiving their partner’s affairs. Is there really anything much harder? Moving forward can feel like all your pain and “victimization” is being forgotten…or at the least, marginalized. Not moving forward (ie being hurt, enraged, tearful all or most of the time) is never a good option anyway, is it? Giving in to those reactions day after day feels out of control, stuck, and like misery. For those who really don’t want to divorce, the next steps are brilliantly vague and murky. Light is needed in the corners of each day. “He or she is acting like nothing happened…I want to, too…but I’m not ready to let it go.” Don’t despair: primarily because you are not alone. And it is a really cool thing to resist divorce. A marriage that rises from the ashes can be the strongest one ever. The Huffington Post article posted below is a good one containing simple points to remember and keep you going when you are slogging through this really tight spot.




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